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 Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop

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Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Empty
PostSubject: Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop   Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Icon_minitime2013-09-12, 10:33

Mister QuickFix supplies the standard equipment and consumables inside Project Ion.
The only place Mister QuickFix is found so far is at Travelers point.

Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Pion+2013-09-12+18-36-25-76 Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Pion+2013-09-12+18-37-33-85

Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Pion+2013-09-13+00-07-17-73 Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Pion+2013-09-13+00-07-28-21

Mister QuickFix's current Merchandise :

ACP Cartridge

NATO Cartridge

Basic Healkit
Basic Bandage pack (no link yet)

Woosh PRD101
Bomb (no link yet)

Woosh PRE101

The Pawnshop is the place to convert your items to Project Ion Dinars.
Besides selling your items to the Pawnshop you are also able to buy items from the pawnshop.

Check out the pawnshop regular to find neat items sold by other pioneers.

We can find the Pawnshop in Babylon Citadel.

Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Pion+2013-09-13+00-14-24-71 Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop Pion+2013-09-13+00-15-15-87

Their is a deduction from 5% on the value for your items sold at the Pawnshop.
When you buy something you will pay additional 5% on the item bought.
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Mister QuickFix and the Pawnshop
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