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 Assets Overview

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PostSubject: Assets Overview   Assets Overview Icon_minitime2014-07-05, 22:08

Overview from all assets used by TestBuilt R&D - Project Ion
!This post is a Work in Progress!

Created assets
All assets created by TestBuilt R&D are considered as "created assets"

Donated assets
All assets that are donated over time by people are considered as "donated assets"

  • Modular Sci-fi Set by Schlumpfsack
    The asset linked is the one available to the masses, the one donated to Project Ion has been heavily re-designed by Schlumpfsack to make it unique, so far only used in this project.
  • Alien Creature Pack by Kalamona
    Containing 3 different aliens, as good as ready to use in any game project. Nothing but good responses this asset has given to Project Ion.

Event assets
All assets that are created by people trough events are considered as "event assets"

Bought assets
All assets that are bought by TestBuilt R&D are considered as "bought assets"

Free assets
All assets that are freely available and used in Project Ion are considered as "Free assets"
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TestBuilt R&D

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PostSubject: Re: Assets Overview   Assets Overview Icon_minitime2014-07-06, 01:27

Thanks for adding! Not sure about some of these, and if it's complete, but we'll have to verify them for the credits. pirat

There is always more to tinker with
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Assets Overview
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