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PostSubject: User Guide   User Guide Icon_minitime2013-12-22, 22:58

An "all in one" basic user guide posted here on the forum for those that have never played this type of game would be a big+.

Yes it is fun to discover the machinations of the game but with a very low-numbered player base to ask and no significant society structure even old time PE players struggle to find their way through the basic stuff at times. Understood there are post in the knowledge database, however they can be from different players at different times which is confusing and not sustainable over time. I wouldn't suggest a Pionpedia site just yet but that would be the golden solution I guess.

Mac Smile
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Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

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PostSubject: Re: User Guide   User Guide Icon_minitime2013-12-26, 13:01

Still not finished but it is a start and agree on the golden solution, Pionpedia!
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The Chosen

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PostSubject: Re: User Guide   User Guide Icon_minitime2013-12-27, 00:31

yesterdayi started to trie creating that kinda wikipedia for pion

but something went wrong i put 3 hours in some simply stuff to show on the site,

like i made a weapon, healkit, mining tabs but when i throwed it up, one of the watchdogs of wikipedia,

deleted the site, why? the site don't have information about real funds or any in real thing, why don't they ask in mail
where is it good for? just delete pff im bit angry about it but well sh*t happens but i got a little girl just 1.5year now,
so dont got always the time to put in to make a website but happy tech is here, he made already a good new website for the project maybe he can help jelle and john further in future cheers 
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PostSubject: Re: User Guide   User Guide Icon_minitime

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User Guide
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