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 Infinite mining

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Gregos BDB Devil

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Join date : 2013-11-28
Location : France

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PostSubject: Infinite mining   Infinite mining Icon_minitime2013-11-28, 21:20

after today's server bug ( see Red Big Machine's topic about Missing Loot ), we can go mining and get some claims as usual.
But once we log back, deeds are in inventory, claims are on the map but we got all our bombs back make it an exploit for infinite amount of claims.

Of course if we extract and log back, ressources in inventory will be gone. If we keep thoses claims after everything goes back to normal it will be unfair.

Hopefully this will be fix in same time as inventory save bug.

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Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

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Age : 37
Location : The Netherlands

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PostSubject: Re: Infinite mining   Infinite mining Icon_minitime2013-11-29, 01:09

Hello Gregos,

Very nice find, developers are looking into all issues reported.

We have also a bug-tracker called Bug-notes.
Everyone who focus on tracking and reporting bugs is free to join.

When you send your email to me in a pm i can add you.
As soon you are in bug-tracker you are also able in invite others.

So far we have 17 testes in the bug-notes application, not all active so you very welcome as active member.

In case anyone also reading this message and is interested in joining bug-notes can send his email to me.

Thanks all in advance all!
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TestBuilt R&D

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Join date : 2012-02-03

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PostSubject: Re: Infinite mining   Infinite mining Icon_minitime2013-11-30, 01:17

For those who missed yesterdays "fun-time" on IRC, we cleaned up the bugged mining claims. Smile
Thanks to observant testers like Gregor we now know not to underestimate the power of an absent ; Wink

There is always more to tinker with
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PostSubject: Re: Infinite mining   Infinite mining Icon_minitime

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Infinite mining
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