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 Missing loot

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PostSubject: Missing loot   Missing loot Icon_minitime2013-11-28, 18:49

Hey, we did some ships earlier and some hunts and now I log in and missing all loots from that time period. Was there some kind of rollback? I know some people were saying they were having issues with trading.

I also just sold and bought some stuff and did about 50 pid mining and relogged and all stuff again were rolled back. So all stuff I put in pwn/recycled is back in inventory once again and everything I bought is not and neither is stuff I mined.

Others in game are mentioning they are having same issue and also saying ammo used is gone but no loot from hunt in inventory.
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Gregos BDB Devil

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PostSubject: Re: Missing loot   Missing loot Icon_minitime2013-11-28, 19:01

same problem here, few hours of hunt and ship run lost. Seems it does not affect NANO I used to hunt lol. Just lost 100 PID of it before relog and see all loots were gone but ammos were used as normaly. Some items seems to came back from PWN Shop after selling and buying ammo lead to same problem.

Bomb for mining do get back at their old quantity after reset, unlike NANO ammo, but extrated ressources get lost same way the loot does.

It appear we come rollback to time when server got reboot earlier today...

I hope this will be helpfull and this nasty bug will be fix soon too Smile

Edit : after few tests seems my ammos are still there.. maybe buying more of it made me loose some or I don't remember well how much I had at that point.
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PostSubject: Re: Missing loot   Missing loot Icon_minitime2013-11-28, 22:51

Yeah we all lost items i think, i can remember i had 73pid oil claim, 225pid proto x and probably much more loot that is gone Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Missing loot   Missing loot Icon_minitime

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Missing loot
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