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Storyline... Empty
PostSubject: Storyline...   Storyline... Icon_minitime2013-11-14, 05:18

Thinking about maybe adding some bit and pieces of storyline into the blog, but the story is pretty vague at the moment.

How do you guys imagine Ion came about?  Why are we here?  What's the story behind the bots and creatures?

Might be fun to see how we all imagine the back story (or maybe we don't care - we just need to kill the bad things ;-) ).  For myself I see Avatar Qweeg as part of an ill-fated colony (think Aliens):  

* Robots landed - given the crash site of one of the ships I think it was perhaps unintentional.  Not having any means to get home - or contact their robot colony, they are stuck here with us.  Having destroyed the small military presence we had, only a few of us survivors are left.  

* All our townships have been devastated, with just three remaining (although rumours of a lone outpost south east of Babylon do exist) with working teleportation systems.

* Robots continue to harass us and attempt to move in on Zion, without success.  More recently though they have changed tact.  Mutant DNA has been introduced creating new species of creatures, all of which are hostile.  As time goes on, more and more new creatures appear, and the few of us that remain are facing a dark struggle to survive.

So for me the robots are the real enemy, and the cause of new species being introduced into the ecosystem.

But then the question remains - what caused the robots to crash here in the first place; was it just a freak accident - or were there darker forces at work here?  Have all the creatures been introduced by the robot's nefarious DNA experiments, or do some pre-date even our own colony?  Is there more to the deadly spiders - or are they really just mindless killing machines?  Questions, Questions.
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Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

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Storyline... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Storyline...   Storyline... Icon_minitime2013-11-14, 12:39

On your website you mention there is now storyline yet, are there any idea on what it should be?

The storyline is developing organically. Feedback and ideas from participants are appreciated. Every iteration of development adds new creatures, objects and items, possibly carrying clues in their descriptions...

With this said i have in mind a good approach on combining current game-play and the storyline.
Similar to Qweeg his post it would be cool to have a background with all that is happening and will going to happen.

History :
After some governments started to experiment with biological and robotic technology everything went wrong on those points.
Developed for warfare it was clear from the start this could only end up bad.

Earth changed in just a few decades after the great war erupted.
Pretty much all earth surface is under water due to the melting of all ice on earth and the sinking of some crucial tectonic plates.
No one knows yet if technology or nature or a combination of the both was the cause for all this suffer.
Iceland, last stronghold from humanity has been lifted up with the help of nature and technology has offered people a save-heaven in the advanced secret underground shelters that were build there.

Current situation :
Humanity has grown strong again and are preparing to retake the surface that is still infected with dangerous mutated creatures and robots.
Since Iceland (100,000km²) is to big to retake all at ones there is decided to build 2 small city's from were to build upon. (Zion, Babylon) (64km² total area now)
When the war will be successful and more people from the underground join the cause it will be possible to build more city's that can withstand the pressure from the attacks.

Latest news :
Since the first Pioneers have started to clean the area's around the city's something unexpected has happened that has caused some concerns.
At the poorly defended outpost "Travelers Point" reports came in about alien creatures.
No one knows their origin and how they came on earth but it has shown these aliens are highly aggressive against humans, just as the robots and mutated creatures.
The aliens seem to be intelligent and the fear has arisen that this new enemy could be even more dangerous than the robots.

Latest rumor :
Reports have come in from strange lights flying over the moon surface, rumors go around that they can be related to the aliens that have been spotted. Since the early days there were rumors about activity on the moon and current observations have acknowledge this.
The conformation of the existence of extraterrestrial life have made us humans realize even more how important it is to cooperate if we want to survive and succeed as human species.

To be continued... rabbit
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