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 What does it take to get Project Ion on

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What does it take to get Project Ion on Empty
PostSubject: What does it take to get Project Ion on   What does it take to get Project Ion on Icon_minitime2013-10-29, 02:52

What does it take to get Project Ion on Mmorpg_logo is a website dedicated to "massive multi-player online role-playing games." In these games, a large number of players interact with each other from all over the world. MMORPG's are different from regular gaming because of the massive number of players and the fact that the world exists and evolves even when users sign off from the game. is the "headquarters" for these types of games. Here you can read news articles about new and current games, talk about the games in the forums, watch videos and podcasts, participate in live chats, read comics, and read other users' blogs.

"What does it take to get Project Ion on"

Asking myself this question i came out on the faq.
Find the original post here.

Highlighted in green what is a positive and in red what is a negative still.

What does it take to get Project Ion on Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTEIAvUr67hnz3ke8ymawD4h0fk2tmCqxXHmjWXtVu1fMIzM_Co

I think there is a game that needs to be added to your list. How do I submit this?

First, let us say thank you for taking the time to help us to maintain an up-to-date Game List. In order to get a game listed, whether you are the game's developer or just a fan who thinks the game belong here, there are a number of steps that need to be followed both in making sure that the game meets our requirements and in getting us the information that we need in order to list it:

Does it meet our requirements?

Make sure that the game isn't already on our list. We know that this sounds simple, but there are a lot of them and sometimes they get overlooked.
The game should have the capability to support at least 500 congruent users on a single server. This is not a reflection of the game's current subscriber count, but rather reflects the capabilities of a game's technology.
The game must include some form of common area where players can interact with one another inside of the persistent game world. This excludes lobby and chat room based interaction. Exceptions are made where logical (such as sports MMOs) that still fit within the spirit of what an MMO is.
The game must make use of persistent characters. This means that you should be able to log in after logging out and find your character as advanced as you left them (or more).
The game must contain some form of advancement.

So, what do we need in order to list the game?

When submitting a game to for review for our Game List, we require the following:

A visual representation of the game
A transparent .psd of your game's logo
A textual overview of your game
A professional website, name of publisher, name of developer, press contact information.
It can also be helpful (but is not required) to provide us with a 1,000 word + developer journal introducing the readers to your game. Just a general overview of what the game is about and some information about what you feel are the stand-out features of your game.

*A visual representation of the game

3-5 Screenshots: These screenshots must be in-engine, un-doctored screenshots. They must be representative of what a player would see when playing the game.


A Gameplay video: The short video does not have to be gameplay only, but should contain a significant and obvious example of un-altered gameplay footage

*Website Requirements

All games to be listed at must have an active, professional website. The site must be completely free of pop-up ads and spyware.

In the case of an active or in-beta game, the site must also provide access to some kind of user support system including, but not limited to: developer active help / support forums, direct petition system or support contact email.

Exception: will occasionally make an exception to the above visual representation rules only if the following conditions are met:

User demand for the game's listing is high enough to warrant the decision (as decided by staff).
The game is being developed by a professional, well known, registered company.
Personal contact has been made between editorial staff and the studio in quesiton.
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What does it take to get Project Ion on
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