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 Robot Ship

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PostSubject: Robot Ship   Robot Ship Icon_minitime2013-09-24, 15:22

Since the developers put Drone Leaders and Drone Commanders very close to the robot ship red tube to get inside it, it has become nearly totally impossible to get to it.

When either the drone commanders or the drone leaders run down the hill, you cannot shoot them as they are on the hill, when they reach the ground, it takes about 10 seconds and then you can shoot them. In this time, they have shot you at least 8 times, and if you even try to use your Adjusted HK, you die very quickly.

Either sort it out so we can shoot enemies that are running downhill, or take out the drone commanders and leaders, and put more AB Mech Elites around the ship (say 20-30 to make it difficult, but not impossible)
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Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

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PostSubject: Re: Robot Ship   Robot Ship Icon_minitime2013-09-25, 21:26

I agree on this.

To enter the ship has become almost impossible since last updates.
It is logical solo enter would be near to impossible but as Uncle is saying we can not shoot the drones very well on the hills.

Maybe spawn more bots on flat area's around the ship and leave the hill less populated.
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TestBuilt R&D

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PostSubject: Re: Robot Ship   Robot Ship Icon_minitime2013-09-25, 23:38

There is a fine balance to be found here. Previously there were people just camping the ship for treasure. (login/pickup/logout)
This caused a lot of credits to drain from the pool and aversely effect the loot. (no loot to be more precise)
It takes time to explain newcomers how to get to the treasure and why the loot sucks, so the current setup is simply saving us time Razz

The ship is obviously there as a challenge for teams with good equipment. Good equipment is still limited to adj weapons and tools at the moment, but this situation will improve when armors are added along with new weapons, tools and boosters...

There is always more to tinker with
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PostSubject: Re: Robot Ship   Robot Ship Icon_minitime

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Robot Ship
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