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 2 small suggestion for devs

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PostSubject: 2 small suggestion for devs   2013-08-29, 07:21

2 small suggestion for devs:

1. In PI AV speed is a little slow (both walking and in running), so first suggestion is to speed up a little the AV.
2. The second suggestion is about long distances that must be traveled. We do not have jet a means of teleportation (not sure how hard it would be to implement), but really helpful would be a vehicle and this is not to hard to implement. An antigravitational moto is more easy then others vehicles (have no moving parts, just a jet in the back).

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PostSubject: Re: 2 small suggestion for devs   2013-09-03, 06:35

i agree a vehicle would be wonderful and make getting to places much easier and the walking and running speed is a bit slow but still the game is great Very Happy
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2 small suggestion for devs
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