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 Harlem Shake!

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PostSubject: Harlem Shake!   2013-08-15, 01:36

Going Viral means big time advertisement!
I was attracted early this year to a viral called "Harlem Shake YouTube"

There are a lot of different versions all made by individual groups around the world, and most are after composed together in different video's.

Even Youtube added a feature, go to youtube and type : do the harlem shake
Believe it or not but the whole youtube screen will do the Harlem shake after you hit enter Smile

This is just one of the versions i personal liked.

Now my idea is when U.M.A comes along to make a couple of scenes with this in Project Ion, with some luck we see some animations come with U.M.A and of course we go jump around as crazy! LOL

After I will make a new viral for this along with other MMO's that also followed the example of this real life viral.
I will post below already what i found so far, guess we could make it much more spectacular but in the end it would do good if all the good ones are combined in one big Harlem Shake MMO video!

Eden Eternal



World of Warcraft

Tera Online



The list goes on, will add more later! Do not play these games btw, Project Ion is much better!
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Harlem Shake!
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