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 I Left My Dung on Entropia.

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Cody Rauh

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PostSubject: I Left My Dung on Entropia.   2014-03-11, 12:25

Hello guys,

Like many of you I came from Entropia after stumbling onto this project. I started back before even Pre-Amethera, and dropped a lot of serious money into the game as a character known as "The White Dot", and spent a lot of my time helping sweaters immediately after CryEngine release. A girl I dated at that time killed a feffoid for over 20k ped. Where I never had a loot over 800 ped, ever killing even bigger mobs.

I have to say Entropia is a very bitter sweet memory for me. While no other game had that feel, I kept going back, but every time the cost to my wallet for the loot I received in return was always a sad disappointment. After looking @ a wiki for one of the new planets I discovered a tiny little link to this project. Now here I am.

If you aren't bored yet continue to read it gets better! lol...

I recently spoke with Jelle, and found out most of the 3D models were made by enthusiast of this game.
I have been in the game development industry for 7-8 years working on indie titles and making my bread and butter.
So after discussion with Jelle and seeing some of the great community here I will be making this a permanent home.

On top of this I will be designing and creating the items for the "Blackforge" survivalist series, weapons, armours,
as well as a cool outpost where you will be able to pick the stuff up. ^^
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Tesla Coil


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PostSubject: Re: I Left My Dung on Entropia.   2014-03-11, 12:39

Welcome to the club m8,

Seems you will fit in perfectly with the rest of us.

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PostSubject: Re: I Left My Dung on Entropia.   2014-03-11, 23:31

Welcome Cody,
Forget about eu, Pion is much better already  elephant 
Looking forward to what you will do 3d model wise.
If you need any help in game or inspirational for your 3d adventures, many are ready to help just give a shout.

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PostSubject: Re: I Left My Dung on Entropia.   

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I Left My Dung on Entropia.
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