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 Intro of 3 or more.

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PostSubject: Intro of 3 or more.   2014-03-11, 07:17

Well Hello all!
Ingame I'm known as Rena Saslynn Bendark. I'm 34 Married and my husband is known as Ian El Durago ingame. As of right now Our son plays as well and he is conbeast trolls you. I gather sooner or later if not 1 but 2 of our daughters will start playing as well.. Not sure what names they'll go by. the oldest Daughter isn't much of a gamer like the rest of us.
I work at home taking care of my mother which was in a car accident back in 2000 that has left her unable to walk. So you'll see me on at any hour of the day or night.
I have played many many different games. But my very first MMO was ToonTown then EU. I've been on AW as well... not sure how that one has been going with it's development. Other games I play/played are Perfect World International Official servers and many private servers. Forsaken World, World of Warcraft (don't care for it tbh), Star Wars the Old Republic, Minecraft. Them are the ones I can remember fully.
I have been a Developer for IMVU. More of a retexturizer of the Clothing and such. I use Gimp for all image files modification. I have had a strong interest with game development which I do intend on going to school for. There are several aspects of all the games I have played that I would love to put into one game.

Well that gives you an idea of me and mine. Have any questions feel free to ask and no there is never a wrong question to ask me Smile and It takes A LOT to offend me Smile
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Tesla Coil


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PostSubject: Re: Intro of 3 or more.   2014-03-11, 09:03

Nice intro,

Welcome all, we should make sure your IP is not going to be registered as multi-alt account address Smile

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Intro of 3 or more.
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