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 Happy New Year

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Forum team

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PostSubject: Happy New Year   2014-01-01, 15:45

Jelle gave us a small news update, you can find the official post on their website.

Hello Everyone,

All the best wishes and welcome to a special news update to kick off the new year.
We're leaving 2013 behind us as a very productive year, and without any fancy charts we'll start with some actual numbers:

Total Registered Accounts: 2635 (Everyone registered since the early beginning)
Total Avatars: 1256 (Everyone actually logging, making an avatar and playing)
Total Items: 31403 (Including recycled items and those for sale in the pwn shop)

Top 3 Hunting ATH:

  1. Team Bob - 601.03 Dinar
  2. Team xXx Namo xXx - 459.80 Dinar
  3. Team ATH TIME! - 456.31 Dinar

Top 3 Mining ATH:

  1. Tom Hunter Smith - 350.60 Dinar
  2. Helena Star Dark - 255.98 Dinar
  3. Gonçalo Tartaruga Genital - 203.23 Dinar

Top 3 Treasure ATH:

  1. Mr Monax XXX - 354.43 Dinar
  2. Jay DeadEye Chronic - 351.25 Dinar
  3. Theone LaMoar GR - 350.26 Dinar

And that's not all... Just before the end of the year we were able to confirm that the Pro License Purchase Fund reached a coverage of 104.5%. The final donation needed was made by The Chosen One and he received the promised x2 bonus multiplier. (which was swiftly converted to some excellent equipment, supplies and cash.)

An explicit thank you is in order for all who helped raising enough funds to purchase a Unity Pro License, which happened much sooner than we anticipated. This is a huge milestone for the project so it's safe to say we are now officially ahead of schedule. We're also confident that the changes coming with Unity Pro will be documented nicely thanks to all of you who are spending time and energy on the promotion of Project ION through blogs, fora, videos and live-streaming. We've actually set a new record with 33 concurrent users on our 'old' hardware during a recent stress test. Very cool stuff!

Needless to say, we are very happy with the way things are going. The selfless manner in which people are contributing to a virtual world like ion is truly inspiring. We sincerely hope to see this type of attitude increasingly affecting the real world in 2014 and beyond...

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The Chosen

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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year   2014-01-01, 22:02

Cheers cheers cheers 
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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year   2014-01-02, 06:56

Woohoo! cheers
Cant wait for the new cool stuff coming..
And gz to The Chosen One! Smile
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The Chosen

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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year   2014-01-02, 09:04

thnx egg  cheers affraid 
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PostSubject: posted Apr 6, 2014, 11:31 AM by Snelle Eddie    2014-04-08, 03:26

Time Lord of the Flies...

Just like the universe keeps on evolving, so are we and the things we produce. With the current version tested to exhaustion we can only promise to deliver a greatly improved experience a.s.a.p. We've been very busy with a lot of things, both project and private, so this message is to let you all know we're still alive... Wink

With that said, I can only add that we're very grateful for all the attention and support that the project has received so far. It's been a most valuable experience. And according to the majority of testers/players, not just for ourselves. Always reassuring to have a tank truck full of high-octane motivational fuel to face the challenges potentially lurking in the shadows of the unknown.


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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year   

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Happy New Year
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