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 Drivable vehicles In Project Ion ?

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PostSubject: Drivable vehicles In Project Ion ?   2013-12-27, 12:11

So i was thinking, since i play Project Ion i have noticed that walking, sprinting is slow to travel especially all around the map, i haven't discovered everything YET because of how long it would take but i would love if we had like at least one kind of vehicle we could drive around the map.Just something basic like a land vehicle for starters.It would give us players a chance to explore together. I understand it would be allot of work to bring them into the game, but then again it gives us the ability to travel and journey around the world with ease. So what do you guys think about it ?

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PostSubject: Re: Drivable vehicles In Project Ion ?   2013-12-27, 12:24

I have found someone who maybe can arrange us some models.

It is a very good friend of a good friend from me.
This is one of his projects done in the past.

There is more on his website to check, would be awesome if he could help the project some!
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Drivable vehicles In Project Ion ?
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