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 Project Ion on Twitch and Giant Bomb

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PostSubject: Project Ion on Twitch and Giant Bomb   2013-12-12, 22:11

Hello everyone,

Last month people have start streaming Project Ion on Twitch.
We found out that Project Ion is not in the data-base from Twitch and people are forced to select another game title.

To get Project Ion added on Twitch, we need to get Project Ion added to Giant Bomb.
Giant Bomb is a huge collection with information of old, current en upcoming game titles.

So far i managed the create the homepage for Project Ion on Giant Bomb.
Their can be added a lot of information "images" "forum" "news" "guide" "releases" "DLC" "reviews" "related pages" and everyone is free to join Giant Bomb to do so.

Since i am new to Giant Bomb myself all my adds have to be checked by Giant Bomb moderators.
Hope some people are known already on Giant Bomb and want to help with getting the page as complete as possible.

Already thanks in advance for all your input!
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Project Ion on Twitch and Giant Bomb
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