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 Trading bug

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PostSubject: Trading bug   2013-11-28, 23:02

Hello everyone

My first post here Smile

Just wanted to report the trading bug I and other players encountered yesterday, I know the devs are aware already but maybe is useful for them to know how to replicate the bug.

A. The involved parties were in a team
B. Got a trade request and received a gun 97PID TT. I tried to throw a mining claim into the mix not to look like a complete slacker but item did not went into the trade window.
C. At the same time I was trading got another trade request (which should not be possible right, the other party should get busy message), which after confirming the first trade I accepted it.
D. I got another gun 105PID TT, again I was trying to put a mining claim into the mix but could not.

At the end of this trade bonanza I wanted to trade back the first gun. Was not possible, I had ONLY 1 gun into my inventory (the 97PID one). We fooled around, failed trades, relogs. At this point the gun into my inventory morphed into the 105 PID one (the second traded) with the 97 one vanishing - was found later on in the 1st player (original owner) inventory.

Is a hairy mess, hope you guys can make sense out of it - still last night the 105 PID gun was in my inventory, claiming deed not. Cannot login atm to verify.

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PostSubject: Re: Trading bug   2013-11-28, 23:13

We cannot trade claims Rookie so thats not part of the bug.
good in depth explanation of what happened, hope the devs can use this to track te bug.
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PostSubject: Re: Trading bug   2013-11-29, 00:15

Hi Babar

Maybe I misunderstood this statement:

Tesla Coil wrote:
Welcome to this guide "to go from rags to riches!"
Abandoned claims

When you buy a Woosh PRE101 (extractor) and ask others for small claim deeds they abandoned you could also very easy gain lot of free resources and get used to coordinate yourself trough the landscape.
Probably not implemented yet?
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Tesla Coil


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PostSubject: Re: Trading bug   2013-11-29, 01:00

Claim deeds for mining can indeed be traded between avatars.

Hope we see some more deeds in the future, being the next deeds apartment ones... Damn i dreaming again about the future... Surprised 
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TestBuilt R&D

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PostSubject: Re: Trading bug   2013-11-29, 09:53

Thanks Rookie. Just a quick reply here to let you know the behavior you describe is spot on. The underlying issue should be fixed with the new server build. (currently cooking) study

There is always more to tinker with
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PostSubject: Re: Trading bug   

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Trading bug
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