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 Lord Nestor Boeggels

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PostSubject: Lord Nestor Boeggels   2013-11-21, 09:01


So...I´m Nestor, a 30-year old Swedish dude that started playing like a month ago, and fell in love with the game..It has such potential that I donated money to the project after just a few days, and again a few weeks later. And I totally recommend donating, you help the developers buy the Unity license they so badly need, and also you get awesome gifts! donate 30 euro and get 3000 PID, the best weapon in game costs 450, so you can get a gew of those along with the best FAP in game! I really recommend you to do a small donation, and you can do that here Smile

Enough about that, and more about me Wink

I currently go to school, trying to become a ventilation engineer, I have about 1,5 years left of hard studies, but I´ll get there!
On my free time I like to play games like Pion, Battlefield 3/4 and some Skyrim, I like fishing, football, motocross and ladies Wink
One of my big, wierd hobbies are metal detecting...kinda like mining, but IRL :DI own a Fisher metal detector, and it allows me to find treasure down to 30cm (12").
Sadly, it does´nt work under water, but my next detector that I want to buy does...but it will cost me ~1k euro, so it will have to wait until summer Smile

If you are new to the game and read this, please shout out in the chat, if I´m online I will help you get started, give you some starting gear and some PID´s, and I will work as your mentor! Any questions, just ask! Want to hunt in team? Just ask! Smile
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Lord Nestor Boeggels
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