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 Repair Terminal

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PostSubject: Repair Terminal   2013-10-13, 15:38

Any chance of making a repair terminal?

You could make it so guns/items need to be repaired using not just PID, but things like titanium, steel plating, obsidian, just to make it not as easy as putting it in, repairing using PID.

Would be great, so I could repair Adjusted Prototype X's instead of constantly shooting spiders to try and get one!


P.S. Does me having some dead Adj Proto X's and Proto X's in storage in any way make me looting a new one any more difficult?
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Tesla Coil


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PostSubject: Re: Repair Terminal   2013-10-22, 08:04

Being able to repair your items with materials is almost the same as creating new ones with materials.

Hope the prototype weapons will become craft-able at some point in time.
Most likely to see that happen with the launch of more and even better weapons.

Regarding the question on the stuff in your possession : Having any item in your possession will never influence the loot of the avatar in any way as far i know.

Besides it would require coding it will be not a nice move from the developers to have such code in place.
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Repair Terminal
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