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 Ingame control and key use.

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PostSubject: Ingame control and key use.   2012-02-03, 14:32

A overview from Project Ion ingame control and key use. Most keys you can adjust if you want trough options > input.

Movement Controls

W : forward
S : backward
A : left
D : right
F : toggle auto-walk or run
Q : toggle walk or run
E : jump (uses stamina)
Shift : run faster (uses stamina)
Ctrl : toggle crouch

Interaction Use

Space-bar : toggle cursor

To use any terminal / interface you can use the right mouse button in cursor mode.
To interact with other avatars you should be in close range and right click on them with your cursor.
A small menu will appear in the upper right corner where you can select sevral interaction.

Weapon use

R : reload
0 : disarm
Left mouse click : fire weapon
Right mouse click : weapon down

Tool use

0 : disarm
Left mouse click : use tool

Camera Use

C : unlocks camera
Scroll up : zoom in to first person
Scroll down : zoom out from first person

Quick Keys 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 are customizable

You can drag any weapon or tool from your inventory (I) to your hotkeybar.
After you can use it as a hotkey for the selected weapon or tool.

Resetting a hotkey is done by right clicking on it with your cursor or by dragging a new item onto it.

Other hotkeys

O : toggle Options
I : toggle Inventory
N : toggle Chat
P : toggle Player Stats
V : toggle Rader
T : toggle Toolbar
B : toggle Cinematic mode (Nice for a screenshot)
M : toggle Map

Extra options

In the option menu (O) you will find also extra options.

To Disconnect you can press ESC and press disconnect there.
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Ingame control and key use.
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